Thursday, July 1, 2010

Canada Day and the Missing Fireworks

Canada's 125th birthday was one of my favourite times as a performer. I was part of a small invited group to perform around the region all year. Performing on different stages, mostly outside with a repitoire of of pure Canadia - some moving, heartwrenching, hilarious and some number purely painfully cheesy. 

We were invited to perform on a boat on Canada Day itself. Putting on makeup on a boat on the River was a skill in itself. 

The audience was made up of dignitaries, invited special guests, news members and perhaps a polititian or three.    

We timed the start of the show so that it would end just before the National Fireworks, that are set off behind Parliament Hill over the water. Our spot was perfect, we finished the show, we mingled with the audience, and saw many boats suddenly come near us, waving frantically.  We waved back, since it was so nice of them and that is the aquatic etiquitte no?

The fireworks were late, but it didn't matter, we were high of being post performance. They eventually started, finally!

The next morning my mom went to get the paper as she archives our lives  in a photo journal living history.  The front page was a picture of us, on the boat with a statement from police, the cause of the delay in the National Firework Broadcast.

We were too close to the firework launch site. Our boat was the trouble - we caused the delay. The friendly boats were police boats trying to get us to move back in time. 

Canada's 125th National Broadcast of the fireworks never aired all because of us. 

This is one stand out memory, that I am so happy to have been a part of. 

Happy Birthday Canada! The land of magical unicorns and maple syrup will always be strong with me.

This Canada Day I am at home, sort of dressed up, watching the festivities. As much as I hate to miss a party, I'm here in my own party.

I'm sure  the broadcast will be on time tonight. :)                                                                                                                                                                    

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