Thursday, April 21, 2011

Canada Goes Dark - May 2nd.

Elections Canada reminds Canadians it exists, and will charge them $25,000 for tweeting voting results

The time has come for one the country’s political traditions: Elections Canada trying to stop people from spreading information about voting results on election day. The good people at EC are reminding the nation’s broadcasters, as well as every Internet user, that sharing such information is strictly prohibited, and could earn violators a $25,000 fine. According to the Montreal Gazette, few are thrilled about the prospect.
Full story:

Last I knew, Canada was a democracy. 

With social media - sometimes is it the only connection to the world for many, especially for the chronically ill. I have outlined in archived posts about my difficulty with the voting process. 

I have emailed Elections Canada and my MP explaining my troubles that I have in accessibility to vote, and express my right as a Canadian. The application to vote while away is already faxed and in the offices and I am still awaiting any answers. I  take this very seriously. The way to vote via proxy is to go in person to sign many pages in front of a City Clerk. Again, that does not address the access trouble that is the entire point of my issue.

Surely, I cannot be the only one with this roadblock in the entire country. 

Canada, please vote for change. Our country depends on it.  

Monday, April 18, 2011

Fading Away

 "No system is perfect, but at some point society must focus healthcare costs toward the 97% of those that can be cured."

This was a response to my last blog post. Yes I know I am the exception, but it is important to share my story so people can understand what does happen to some - and the misconceptions about universal health care. 
I have had nightmare doctors, the quality ones are very hard to find. The ER doctors are meant to save lives, and despite what I do and need, I do not take advantage of this - as other people do going to the ER for a flu. I have only gone in dire emergencies. 

Some facts about my disability application so far: 
*To apply for provincial disability it is a first a phone assessment, financial only. Gross, not net, and not taking any deductions into account.
*You can try to appeal this, but it is very difficult to even talk to a human.
*Canada Pension is part of what is taken off on every standard paycheck - (along with taxes and employment insurance)
*In order to apply for that, you need to apply within two years of your last work day.
*Despite this is your own money - not a social drain on the 'system'.
*The application booklet is thick, and requires alot of doctors to write - which can cost upwards of $100 per doctor. (see the cycle starting)
*Corruption example - There was a cop (working in the same union branch as me) and he was stealing drug evidence. Got hooked on meth and heroin. He is on full disability and cop pension, no questions asked.
*Canada universal health care is not free. (see my previous blog entries)
*I have had nightmare doctors (2009) that made me slip through the cracks
*At what point does the medical system give up on me? I am not depleting any social financial systems. Everything I do is paid out of pocket. Hard on zero income.

So if it is common consensus that I am of the 3% that has no hope, then I am just waiting to leave this earth? I am not giving up. The system is set up to give up on those of us that are deemed hopeless.

Thank you society. Very much. I hope it's not much longer I have to deal with you then so you can carry on. Awesome.  

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Really? Yes, I have lost just about everything. And possibly more.  Yes I am from the highest taxed country in the world. Canada health care is free until we get sick. Consider this. Canadian wait times, I know this is over 6 months - I have been on the waitlist for specialists, from specialist orders for over a year. Am I terminal? Yes I am. People die on this plan. I can't afford the meds scripted, it's not free. I have severe allergies to most meds, so I refuse to put out money that I know will be not helpful. I am slipping through the cracks because of the system. I am fighting, and being proactive. The universal health care is not all glitter and rainbows. If you have read my archives, you have seen my journey to date. For that, I thank you.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Four Years In.

Four years ago today, my life stopped as I knew it. I was given the diagnosis, cried with my doctor, as he gave me 2-10 years to live.

When I was diagnosed, it was such devastation. Everything I worked so hard for. Done. 

Hearing words, and understanding them are different. There was no mistaking this. It was already very severe as it was attacking hard before we knew what was happening. 

I was to have a doctor's appointment today with the new doctor - ironically in the exact same office that I heard the news from the doctor that discovered it. He told me to go south, and just do what I could.

Funny how things turn out.

The pain never ends, it's complex with many layers of different pains all at once, everywhere. 

It is very hard to not be upset. I've done my grieving, and sometimes accepting, but it is still so hard to live with this every minute of everyday.

To those of you that have been with me every step, I can't say how much I love you enough, and I thank you. 

To those of you that I have met on similar journeys, I'm sorry you are dealing also. 

I'm not waterfalls and rainbows thinking positive will cure me. I am realistic. Pain-free will never happen. Pain-less, will not happen. 

I hope that I am the same person. This did not make me stronger. I have been strong my whole life. It's just me. I'm just sick. Very very sick.

Thank you for sticking by me and holding me up. 

Four years ago today changed my life. We will see what the next six bring.