Thursday, February 10, 2011

Love Beats Hate

There is alot that I am dealing with for hate, but let's do love.

I love the weather in SoCal, I love that I feel so comfy here. I love that I have friends that are willing to take me on to get me out of winter in Canada. 

I love my family and friends, yes, blood isn't thicker than water.

Love beats hate...

yes it does. Love needs to beat hate. Too many people enjoy being negative, perhaps for a reason to feel better about themselves? I know schoolyard games, but it continues with people in family and workplace. It is rediculous.

Yes I have lost people in my life due to my illness, maybe not but the excuses are always because I am sick. Scapegoat or cowards. 

Thank you to those that continue to read, you prove that love beats hate. 
Thank you for those that support me in your words and silly pctures.

Love Beats Hate. We need to spread this around.

Love. Beats. Hate. Just do it.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Not Giving In

 Many times I have heard that my decision for not going on medicine means that I am giving up. If I was truly giving up, I wouldn't be here today. I would not have fought to make it out of 2009.

The reason I am not on meds is many fold. I cannot tolerate anything, Nsaids, opiates, antibiotics even have disasterous effects on me. I tend to have severe reactions and side-effects. I cannot risk this, especially as I don't have any means or income to pay for these meds, so to put money that I do not have on something that will make me worse in effects is not something I am willing to do.

Despite that I am unable to drive or work, I have also heard 'why don't you just try it since you aren't doing anything now'. Thank you. I don't feel useless enough. Why not become a living zombie since I don't contribute a damn thing to society. Why prolong living like a vegetable and just wait for death? 

I took so much pride in being independent, and I have such little of it left, I will not have my mind atrophy as my body is.

Would I love to be on meds so I can try to 'live'? Of course I do. My reasons and means don't allow for it. So I live as I am failing inside. It is such terrible pain that never lets up. Chronic means always there, and it is scary. Again if I am happy or laughing it doesn't mean I am without pain. This is the worst thing I have ever been through and I have always been a tough cookie. I try very hard not to complain, even in the worst of it. I cry, alot. 

 I am not willing to go through worse effects of meds that don't directly treat what I am dealing with. I can only hope the new med - first one for lupus will be approved soon, and then I will see if I can even take that, and figure out how to pay for it. So far it is over $20k a year - and no insurance nor income will make this difficult. 

I am not giving up or giving in. I would not still be here if I did.