Saturday, July 23, 2011

For What It's Worth.

7 days on the immuno's.

I have decided that I hate them, it is not worth what it is doing to me. 

Honestly I am trying to be very good and responsible - in that giving it a real try with at least a week in and tracking everything I am being fair.

I am not myself, a zombie, the effects are so bad all I want to do is sleep. Once I take the first dose of the day, 500 mgs - it hits very fast, and thank you but it is not psychosomatic. The nausea is right away, very hard. I can hardly move. After the 10 minutes, I am allowed to lie down and just hope I can sleep the rest away. 

The first few days I felt like I had a blood bubble in my throat. I've had headaches worse than any migraine I have ever had - and I got them severely - ones that lasted years. 

My mood is bad, whether that is reacting to the meds themselves or the unknown to what is happening. 

Part of me is saying that I need to go through this so that I can prove to my doctors and everyone when I say I have severe reactions to meds, that I am not joking. I called Telehealth with the long list of side effects I am experiencing yesterday and they wanted to transfer me to 911, so I know this is not just me, nor is this normal reactions. 

I have a GP appointment on Monday, and will hope for some real advice to what I should do. 

Frustrated, sad and pissed off. I know this will never end, until my very end. Not sure this trouble is worth it to put myself through as it seems more harm than good.


  1. Hun you've given them a good try, you didn't quit after a day, they might be able to adjust them, put you on a different kind the worst thing you can do is to keep quiet and put up with it. If these meds at this dose is the only option then you can make a choice about taking them or not. But it might be as simple as your GP saying "That's fine we'll try a different brand". If you need anything I'm here.

  2. *hugs* Only you know how the meds make you feel. I always judge the side-effects against the reward & decide if I can live with them or not. Mostly I choose not & luckily I have a doctor who trusts my judgement & usually helps me find an alternative treatment.