Thursday, May 26, 2011

Cardiac Don't Mess Around

One great thing that medicine doesn't take it's time for is chest pain. I had an appointment within a week. I went to the hospital today for cardiac testing. Every dopplar/ekg/ultrasound I have ever had has been very traumatic, yet I wasn't as nervous until right before. However stressing out before cardiac system tests would not be so good. 

The tech was very kind and very gentle with her pressure, although points did hurt quite a bit of course. Luckily there was nothing that showed up as emergency, and I was sent home. 

I'm now feeling extreme pain, intense pressure on my chest and into my spine, and same pushing on my arms, shoulders - my breathing is a bit laboured. Still, I have been through tests that have been much worse. During the test some was audio, I said, see the elephants ARE in a rave in there!

I am 99.9% sure this is costochondritis, and not my heart itself - yet I know this will be difficult to say that it is, but much easier to say what it isn't. This is possibly the most frustrating thing about lupus, and why awareness and education all around is so important. 

On some good news, there is help coming - help that will be available to keep going as I am, with help to and from appointments/tests, and help with social services to help advocate my case for disability.

I am not used to 'powers-that-be' in my corner and I am still in shock and a bit overwhelmed over the entire reality of the situation, but I feel much better and partly my resolve in human decency has returned a little bit.

People do care. It takes a ton of fighting, but it is worth it to find those that will fight along with you. 

Now I have to stick things up my nose to get rid of the hospital smell.

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