Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Easy Breathe-y

My cardiac tests came in yesterday, and when I called my doctor to update on the ongoing and worsening chest pains she asked me to come in as her first appointment of the day. 

I have had such worse pains, which I thought must be costochondritis, causing major coughing and even bringing up blood. As expected, my cardiac tests came back clear adding to the ongoing mystery that surrounds lupus and other invisible diseases. 

My doctor is really wonderful, she doesn't rush, she talks with me - not at me. She really tries to think outside the little box. I am so lucky to have her. She gave me PFT Test in the office and compared them to the first one I had a year ago when she took me on. Those results immediately alerted her that there is a "Severe Obstruction" and it is serious enough to seek more answers. She isn't sure why or what is obstructed and sent me for chest xrays and a prescription for a small ventilator that I need to use 6 times a day (according to her Rx). The other odd thing is that I don't have asthma, my allergies appear as migraines or sinus headaches so possibly this is due to the lupus attacking my tissues and organs. She did confirm costochondritis but said that should not affect my coughing and breathing so much.

I asked her about the codeine experiment, and that is a no go. As explained to me, it should only be used for very short term, and as advanced as my illness is it would be very dangerous because my body will quickly get used to it and then I will need more and higher doses and never get off it. It is not for chronic pain. I will miss the codeine sleeps.

Hopefully there will be some answers or at least clues from this next round of tests. I know and understand I am getting worse and won't get better, but a bit of pain ease somehow would be wonderful. 

My doctor also said that I looked better than she's seen me. That's something right?


  1. Hopefully she can correct the obstruction and you won't need extra drugs to try to sleep.

  2. Some news is better than none, good that she's a good doctor too

  3. I hope they get to the bottom of this soon. It sounds scary.
    Oh and it case anyone is confused/really worried I'm guessing the machine you got is a nebulizer or an O2 concentrator?
    I can see not using codeine as a maintenance pain medication but I'm not sure why you weren't given something else. Then again, it sounds like your doctor might be pretty anti-opiates. I mean, to be blunt, at your stage of illness who really cares if you can ever come off of them?

  4. Codeine is a slippery slope. I'm hoping for a recovery so I come down on the side of not taking a chance of getting you addicted. Do you have a Stumbleupon handle?