Saturday, May 14, 2011

Kindness, Strength VS Douchebags

In previous posts I have mentioned that I am rebellious and stubborn. I still have learned from my mom for this all.

Today was beautiful out, and I expect that these next few days are going to be stormy and heavy rain according to the reports.

I needed to go outside today. My balcony didn't cut it. I put real (kinda) clothes on, and grabbed my wheelchair, and hit the streets using the chair as a walker. Not so fast though. 

I thought I would add a bit to my physio to walking a wee bit in my apartment building. I ended up to the lobby, stairs down, then stairs up to outside. So I tried. Done. I thought, okay, maybe I can make it across the street.


Maybe I can make it across to the lights on the main street, done. HOLY SHIT. 

I kept going, and going, to the mall, and back. Each little step was a new accomplishment.

In the end, I did over 2.5 miles of walking. Plus 4 sets of stairs, with about 5 each, with navigating my chair too. 

The one thing, once I got back, and I have never done 55 minutes on my own feet straight in years was taking me back to why I hate my city.

A youngish guy that lives in the building saw me struggle with getting my chair up the stairs to the elevator. It is the only way to get to the elevators, and then he slid into one of the open elevators without a help or an offer.

That is fine. I didn't expect, but wow. Just proves my point about people not giving a shit about others. Disgusting.

So to be as selfish - I went 2.5 miles round trip. Not sitting once. 55 minutes, total. Including the real people talk time I did along the way.

I won't be able to do this again, and if so not for ages, maybe. Such is the way of these chronic illnesses.

And those of you that do read, I know you would do support and help if you saw anyone in my position, because most of you know what that is like. You all know I don't bitch much, but that my lack of bitching doesn't mean this shit is a party. Thank you for supporting in that I can't do.

Heartfelt thank yous to you all that  DO care. I trust my fragile life with you.

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  1. Those of us who have been here for you over the years of course share in the bad times, but we get to share in the good times too, and reading this post put such a smile on my face. So awesome, you Rockstar!