Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Love Beats Hate

Love and hate are powerful things. Seems like those that hate, get ahead. I don't understand why bad things happen to good people and the haters keep going. 

It's too bad we need a 'day' to express why love beats hate, but it is important to remember why love is better.

Most people want to love and be love. I cannot fathom those that live and thrive on negativity, especially over the small things. Stupid drivers, stupid people working at drive throughs, stupid machine made coffee too hot, and on and on.

I've always been the 'nice' girl. While I don't have long left here, it is becoming more apparent that I will not put up with hate. I am usually patient and put up with alot, but I can't give in and be nice to hate. Cheesy yes, but life is too short to live that way.

The kindness and love that I surround myself with, surprises me everyday. I will not tolerate anything less. Hate tends to make the world go round. 

It needs to be love. We all can learn to live with love and kindness, don't hate the haters, just don't play the game.

Love not just for today, but for always. Reach out a little more, let this jaded world be, and embrace love. 

Love beats hate, lets keep it going. Who's with me?

Thank you to those that have reached out to me, loved me sickness and health. 

Really does mean the world. 

Love love love.


  1. Ok, since you asked nicely. I will stop being evil.

  2. Very well said! Love you! xoxo

  3. Thank you Rhian. Like you, I strive to find the good in everyone. For some, they've buried it so deep inside that it takes tons of effort and years to find it. Then there are those like you that just radiate love and goodness. You are so loving, generous and grateful for every little thing you have. We who love you are so blessed and lucky that you have shared your life with us as you have. Thank you so much for YOU and for this blog which has educated me, inspired me and touches me so much with every post.

  4. I think that those that thrive on negativity are confused, for some twisted reason or another they think that their actions will lead to their own happiness. Unfortunately, for them, they will never really be happy, any happiness they feel from hurting others will be short lived. Happiness from loving though, that goes on, that helps us heal in our daily lives, that makes us strong. Wishing you much strength in your journey, it is wonderful to have a day of discovering blogs that are focused on the good things! :)

  5. I know just what you're saying. I'm too nice most of the time and I get walked all over. The evil folks always seem to get the best parts in life. They are the ones thinking only of themselves. The world would be a beautiful place if people learned what love is and not confusing it with lust between a man and women or any alternative relationship they choose. Love is a state of being and a way of life. To be spead among all of Gods' creatures. Your artilce was well expressed.

  6. I'm with you!!!

    Love does not mean weakness. Just as you said deciding not to let hate have power over your life is a position of strength!

  7. Rhian,

    Thank you for blogging for Love Beats Hate. It is taking me awhile to do it - but I am determined to visit every single blogger who participated.

    This part here is just great:

    Love not just for today, but for always. Reach out a little more, let this jaded world be, and embrace love.

    Love beats hate, lets keep it going. Who's with me?

    In answer to your last question above, many people are with you. :) There have been quite a few inquiries from people who wish to see Love Beats Hate be more than a one time/one day event.

    So, stay tuned for more info on that.

    I'm sending positive energy your way. :)