Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The HorribleNoGoodVeryBad Tests

When nurses, techs, doctors are honest when things could be hard, I much appreciate it. I would much rather honesty then sugar coating.

As was the case with today's tests. I woke up at stupid o'thirty and went in for Arterial Brachial Pressure and Peripheral Arterial, the second part to last week's DVT. I knew from research and talking to medical professionals this would be a tough day.

I wore the super-fly paper dress, and again, remembered real underwear. My technician was a bit brisk, but she became very kind and explained everything as we went. She told me it was tough, and will take over an hour. 

She started by putting blood pressure cuffs on my arms and legs, and attached a mic and wand to each cuff, and started the tests, lots of squeezing and pressure, and release, repeat. The machine recording the the test was so loud, and quite disconcerting. And it hurt. I try to think I am strong, but when air hurts on a good day, this sent me flying. I concentrated on trying to breathe properly, and let her do what she needed to do.

She took off the cuffs once she asked me if I prefered, normally they keep the cuffs on the entire time, but I was thankful that she took them all off for the remainder of the time. Similar to the DVT tests, she followed my arteries from my groin all the way to my calfs, searching for my arteries and anything abnormal. This hurt. The pushing by my knees and on down was very tough. When the machine stopped making noises, I tried to not worry what that meant, as the bed was raised and lowered the entire time. She had trouble finding my lower arteries, but she said that was because I was so tiny, so everything was tiny. She just said that was how I was was kind of endearing when she smiled at me so warmly.

With a towel she helped me get the gel off, and to sit up. I was terribly dizzy. Good news is there are no evidence of clots, however the possibility is that my arteries and veins are seizing. She also mentioned the potential of MS on top. I needed help to get dressed, and home to sleep. 

I am currently in so much more pain, than the usual horrible. I need help with everything. This is my body in some kind of shock after being in some kind of trauma. 

This may take weeks to get over. Thank you everyone that sent me love and well wishes today, it helped to try to stay strong to get through it all. 

Someone you love and know has lupus, and it is made better by love and support, to get through every day.  


  1. Love as always to the strongest ballerhina I know xoxo

  2. Sending you the gentlest, lightest, butterfly-wings of a hug... xo

  3. I hate that you have to go through this. I wish I could carry some of the burden for you.

  4. I too am sending love and wishes, wishing I could carry some of your burden.

    For what it's worth -- you look real cute on that bed. And deserve a A+++ for wearing "real" underwear. :)

    Peace to you.