Thursday, April 21, 2011

Canada Goes Dark - May 2nd.

Elections Canada reminds Canadians it exists, and will charge them $25,000 for tweeting voting results

The time has come for one the country’s political traditions: Elections Canada trying to stop people from spreading information about voting results on election day. The good people at EC are reminding the nation’s broadcasters, as well as every Internet user, that sharing such information is strictly prohibited, and could earn violators a $25,000 fine. According to the Montreal Gazette, few are thrilled about the prospect.
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Last I knew, Canada was a democracy. 

With social media - sometimes is it the only connection to the world for many, especially for the chronically ill. I have outlined in archived posts about my difficulty with the voting process. 

I have emailed Elections Canada and my MP explaining my troubles that I have in accessibility to vote, and express my right as a Canadian. The application to vote while away is already faxed and in the offices and I am still awaiting any answers. I  take this very seriously. The way to vote via proxy is to go in person to sign many pages in front of a City Clerk. Again, that does not address the access trouble that is the entire point of my issue.

Surely, I cannot be the only one with this roadblock in the entire country. 

Canada, please vote for change. Our country depends on it.  

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  1. EC has stated that you can't post about results until all the polls are closed. After that, you can post to your hearts content.