Saturday, August 14, 2010

August 14th.

One year ago today I had the pleasure of witnessing two of my dearest friends seal their love in the most beautiful handfasting ceremony. 

I was touched to be asked to stand as Maid of Honour for Kata, as our friend Rick stood for Will as his Best Man.

This day was perfect, it was gentle, and peaceful - beautiful and calm, and seeing Kata and Will and surrounded by their family - and seeing more friends who have became my family over the past years was magical. 

My husband had other weddings that weekend, but I was luckily enough that we made the drive to make it - because in reality come hell or highwater I was not going to miss this day.

This day is also shared by more dearest friends, my friends - Daniel and Victoria who opened their home to me in California, and took care of me while I couldn't be in Canada. To share your anniversary is a most giving gift.

Something so beautiful to see people I love more than my life, share their love on the same day. 

Today also holds a bit of an anniversary for me, as a day where things started the quick downslide of my health.

I though, am the lucky one. I stood for Kata and Will, as I knew them perhaps slightly before they knew each other. I saw their story start, and evolve, as it will all continue to do so. 

Kata and Will - congratulations, the gift you gave me of being a part of your lives and your wedding is one of the most beautiful ones I have ever had, I treasure you as I treasure you today.

Daniel and Victoria, congratulations, the gift you gave me of opening your hearts and your home to me is one of the most beautiful ones I have ever had, and I will always treasure you.

I thank you - for being you, for including me in your lives. I will always and forever hold you all close to me. 

Thank you for standing with me.  

Thank you all that support and read my story, you also are standing with me, and you are giving me the strength to wake up the next day, and the next.

August 14th, is a day that is very special for me, forever.


  1. Love you always "lil sis" and we were both so happy to have you as our maid of honour :)

  2. Happy tears. I love you so much. It was an honour to us for you to be there for us, and to stand up for us.