Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Someone you know has lupus. You know me. I can use a snuggle and hugs.

I'm going through some really terrible new things - again. It's getting very hard to keep my head up of the water. But you know me by know, I talk facts and my experience.

Today is Lupus Advocacy Day. I need to write more, but hence lupus is hindering even that right now, I hope that you can share, and spread the word.

This is still an unknown disease but it's very brutal. Please if you love us, spread the word, link to blogs like this one that details my daily struggle. 

It is horrible, and not just a 'daily struggle'. 

It is scary. I am so happy though to have people around me that are so supportive, and love and help in the bad - really really bad days, like the past while.

Someone you know has lupus. Please feel free to look at my past blogs, and my experience. Then possibly look at the others out there, since it is the disease of a million faces. We don't (often) look sick but we are. Very very sick.

A cuddle, hug, sharing, understanding means so much. Thank you for helping to share.

More info is here on today's advocacy day -


  1. Great job Rhi Rhi, it's okay that its short. The only thing that matters is that you made the effort to share your story and make you voice heard. That takes courage, go Miss Warrior!

  2. A good blog that's spot on, Rhian. Thank you for posting....especially from all of us who suffer from this.