Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Invisible Again

As not a very political person, I have always taken my right to vote seriously. There has only been on time I haven’t voted in an election since I turned 18, and that was the fault of the elections that didn’t add my new address info when I submitted it.
Even though I usually find most of the names on the ballot some lesser of a handful of evils, it is my right, and I am lucky to be living in a time and country where it is so.

We are heading into a municipal election shortly. I called the elections office today since my abilities and accessibility has obviously changed. I was told there are new polling stations to help ‘the disabled’. Which is lovely, but doesn’t fit me, as it’s mostly for visually and/or hearing impaired.  

I inquired about a mail-in ballot, but that is not an option. My only option is to vote by proxy. In order to do this, I have to sign and fill out 5 pages of forms, in the election headquarters, in front of the City Clerk. (which is only open during regular business hours) I again asked – very politely – is there not anything else that I can do, I am housebound and bedridden. They offered to mail the forms, but I still have to get my little butt clear to the other end of the city to arrange for the proxy. 

I am not a shit disturber, really. This does anger me, and I am quite hurt by this. This is larger than just missing a vote day. This says leaps and bounds about – dare I say – the D word?

I do feel like this is discriminating. I cannot be the only person in such a situation, I cannot leave my apartment without depending on others, and I cannot meet these terms. Why is there not a mail-in ballot? Granted I can’t get out to a mailbox either. Why is there not anything else. I called twice. Spoke with two people, and this was the same result.

I’m hurt, and it is another slam in my face. Well done elections. Nice job politicians. No wonder you don’t hear from people like me or represent us, you don’t hear from us because you can’t.

I should probably call my neighbourhood counsellor, but sometimes I’m just tired of everything being a fight. 

Thank you for keeping us invisible.

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  1. can you get me the name of your community MP and his/her number if you have it pretty please?
    Lisa Anne (you know where to find me dahlin!)
    Muah muah!
    <3 ya!