Thursday, September 16, 2010

Truly the Best Medicine.

I met my 4 month old niece this week.  This visit was so very special. My mom and I had my cousin and her new baby come from Calgary. What was unintentional, but was amazing was that yesterday, my grandmother would have been 100 years old. I was lucky enough to share that day with women of 3 generations that I am so close to. We share a same sense of humour, (if you know me, imagine three of us in the same room), same eyes, same hands. It's amazingly special.

The baby and I got along very well, and she also seemed to have an instinct to be gentle with me, she had some strength in those wee legs, fingers and was wiggly, but as I was holding her, and we had some pretty good conversations, she was wonderful. I do believe in strong connections, no matter what age. As my psychic witch friend would be surprised to hear, the baby is a Taurus and I am a Sagittarius.

This was the first time I had seen my cousin since I became so ill. I know it was a shock - as it is with everybody that knew me before. What was so incredible, was she still saw me as me. I am a person with this, I am not the illness. It was no questions - or guilt, or anything such as, 'why can't you...why don't you...have you tried...', it was unconditional and love, like no time ever went by.

This is so valuable and special, and wonderful to me. I am very lucky, as much as people are and have faded away, I have caregivers - those are the ones that are checking in, that physically and literally hold me up, are there when I can't do anything on my own, but also there to watch and let me try to manage small things, and hold me when it is too much.

So to those that have been there, that are there, in your own ways, I thank you, and I love you. Thank you for making me laugh, letting me cry, letting me cry because I am upset about crying, feeding  and keeping me going with meds, and foods. Asking me the hard questions, I know is difficult and sometimes I don't know what to just say either. 

Come to me, ask me, because during this week - Invisible Illness Awareness Week, is a time that we need to get the awareness out to the masses. This is something so misunderstood, and often - people assume and won't come out of that. That is okay. It is hard to cope with, and hard to deal with. I understand. 

 Thank you for being there, for reaching out. It makes a world of difference, and it means the world to me.  With how much I have lost, I have gained so much. Thank you for making me laugh, and being 'okay' when I can't. 

Thank you, so so much. It is not for granted, but cherished. I thank you.

Really. THIS is the best medicine.

Thank you, and loves.


  1. Who says a Taurus and a Sagittarius can't get along ;)

  2. Love your strength lovie, There may be smoke & there may be mirrors with our illness, but one thing for sure: you NEVER give in! *hugs* Stay strong my love!

  3. BABY!! its never too young to start teaching them dance, is it? :) the video made me smile! thanks!